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image1We are Soba Restaurant Godo, a restaurant name“ Gate of God “in English, located near a famous spiritual power spot, Izumo Taisha, only about 5 minutes drive by car from the shrine.
We offer a variety of soba menus from the most simplest Soba of Kake (hot soba in dashi soup), Seiro ( cold Soba in wooden-bentou-box) to Tempura Soba, Yamakake Soba,Tendon, and many side dishes such as Fired eggplant, Tempura assortment, Japanese traditional sweet stuff called Sobagaki Zenzai and so on. I am sure you can enjoy any of them. The price starts from 750yen and an average price is around 1000yen. We also serve Kaiseki style menu of “Hananozen” as a special menu! It includes many kinds of side dishes and dessert with each in small portion. Our chef carefully selects the food and make them with his heart. you can enjoy our special menu, “Hananozen” for your memory of trip to Japan! We also have a super special course menu which need a reservation in advance!

Izumo Soba is considered to be a dark colored soba which contains an entire buchwheat seed ( Gen soba ). However our soba is a little different compared with an orthodox Japanese “ Inaka Soba”, “ Izumo Soba”. We make a new type of Izumo Soba which is characterized an easy feelings when swallowing soba and a good aromatic flavor’ of buckwheat long been favored in Izumo as a local cuisine in Izumo area.

Among many good tasty soba menus at our restaurant, we would like to recommend you to eat “Komojiru” Soba, which is soba with buck meat on top of it in an originally made soba hot soup based on buck meat and soy sauce..

To make people happy,
“Freshly ground, Freshly made, Freshly boiled” with chef`s love of Soba!!

Feel like to test it more again!
With passion and sincerity, we are waiting for serving you a happy time.

Godo soba`s Four features

1.We are using domestic Gen Soba, which means that Buckwheat remained with outside black colored hard husk.
(Gensoba means that Buckwheat remained with a husk )

image6Soba eaten commonly in Japan is used buckwheat graind most part of it, using only inside white portion.
However, Gensoba eaten as local cuisine in Izumo area is used whole buckwheat, included a hard dark colored husk which contains minerals, vitamins, and other nutrition abundantly! For that
reason, gensoba is a darker colored, more flavorful tast and chewy, however soba has many kinds and come out differently, so it’s all depending on a degree of grinding :what part of
buckwheat will be used, how huch to be grinded, and combination of natural condition and so on.

“With regard to the domestic gen soba, for the management of post-harvest is good in condition, it is more high quality in flavor and chewy compared with foreign imported buckwheat.

So we uses the domestic buckwheat only in our restaurant! “

2.Selected buckwheat, Freshly ground, Fresh out, Freshly boiled” and Self-milled buckwheat flour is…

We make a homemade flour used by using a millstone.
The reason why we use the a millstone is that the heat generation is suppressed by grinding at a slower rotation. So that we can make a buckwheat flour in high quality without losing a flavor.
And we grind the buckwheat flour by the amount we use every day!

We want to offer delicious buckwheat to all who enjoy eating our Soba!

3.Buckwheat flour at Soba Godo

Skin (husk) of buckwheat is dark brown colored, but inside seed is white colored and cuticles are pale green colored.
In our restaurant, we use whole grain (the part from the seed of nucleus of buckwheat to the cuticle),
We do not almost use the buckwheat husk

4.Healthy homemade sauce

We use a handmade source based on a fresh soy source with clause, which is a little salty tast because of no additives such as chemical seasoning at all.

〒693-0057 Tsunematsu 378 Izumo Shimane-ken
Open Hours: Day time 11:30-15:00
Evening time 17:00-20:00
※Resaved Couse will closed at 9 pm Reservations course,
Closed: Monday
In the case of public holiday, closed on Tuesday

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