Specializing for Homemade milling / Self flour milling


At our restaurant basically we use Gensoba from a hometown.
Gensoba usually stick with mud, a pebble, and dirt and so on.

2.A polishing machine A stone omission machine

Polishing machine which removes a dirt and a pebble,
Using a stone omission machine to take off all except only buckwheat

3.Take a crust with an ecdysis machine

and a buck whole seed became a Gensoba.

4.stone mill

Above processes will be done in noon of the day before and stone mill

5.make soba

The morning of the day we freshly make soba for the day everyday

At our restaurant we offer the best soba, “Freshly ground, Freshly made, Freshly boiled”. At the restaurant which buying a buckwheat flour, not grinding and milling flour by themselves at their restaurant could not serve you such the best soba as we make!,

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